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A Top El Cerrito Dentist for Cosmetic Care

Healthy. Timeless. Enduring! As a top dentist in El Cerrito, Mark Perez DDS has a reputation for being one of the most gentle and skilled and able to make you feel comfortable. For over 25 years, he has seen how cosmetic dentistry in El Cerrito does more than create beautiful smiles and straight, white teeth. Revitalizing your smile can have an impact on your self-esteem, confidence and vitality. It can enhance opportunities, protect your overall health, and can even take years off of your appearance!

As a highly trained and experienced dentist in El Cerrito, Dr. Perez uses state-of-the-art dental materials and conservative methods to create a natural, healthy smile and also protect your dental health for the long term. Every detail at this patient oriented office has been designed with the comfort of his patients in mind.

Because he is educated in providing a wide range of dental services, you can choose from implant dentistry, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, hygiene, one visit bonding, dental implants, restorative dentistry and even oral facelifts. You can see why among many dentists, he was voted "Top Rated Dentist" in the Bay area by the Bay Area's Consumer's Checkbook!  

Enhancing Your El Cerrito Cosmetic Dentistry Visits

This El Cerrito dentist is an expert with TMJ disorders and bite alignment. He provides each guest with a specialized "Bite Balancing" technique to examine how the teeth are meeting and to help you achieve a stable, aligned bite that looks great. With TMJ treatment, you can find relief from painful symptoms, protect your cosmetic enhancements and enjoy healthier teeth for life.

Dr. Perez performs the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques with a patient-focused approach to dental care. When you arrive at our comfortably furnished, warm and inviting office, you will have the dentist and his team’s undivided attention.

You will experience amenities for relaxation, entertainment, music and cozy comforts. Easily accessible with a ground floor entrance, we also have plenty of free parking. Our office is near BART and other public transportation.

Our friendly, approachable and comprehensive treatment is why many long-time El Cerrito and Berkeley patients tell us they keep coming back. World-class accreditations, a wide range of services, and the intricate care our El Cerrito dentist takes in providing the perfect smile. In fact, these are all reasons why some patients travel long distances to continue receiving their implant and restorative dentistry from Dr. Perez.

The best for your family and their smiles is what you will get every time you visit Dr. Perez, the El Cerrito dentist for top dental care!

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