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A Blueprint for a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

Berkeley Full Mouth Rehabilitation Health Blueprint

The first step for Full Mouth Restoration for Berkeley or El Cerrito patients is proper diagnosis. Its a lot like building a house where you start with a detailed blueprint. A thorough examination by Dr. Perez allows a treatment plan or blueprint to be mapped out; that outlines everything that will be done before we ever get started on your teeth. With the use of models, our cosmetic dentist can even give you a preview of your finished smile!

A misaligned or unstable bite can cause pain from inflamed bite muscles, headaches, and teeth wear or breakage. An orthodontic appliance created by the dentist can be worn to realign the teeth properly and get the muscles used to the new bite, this dentistry solution will also give you immediate relief from tension in the jaw muscles.

Once your restorative work such as fillings, crowns, implants and bridges is done and the teeth and jaw joints properly aligned, your smile will look more attractive, your gums will be healthier and it will even make you look younger by removing small lines and wrinkles! The smile design process lets you achieve the healthy, attractive smile you've always wanted.

Berkeley area Full Mouth Rehabilitation Is Personalized

Once this healthy dental environment is established, your dentist will use a variety of cosmetic procedures to further enhance your smile:

The entire course of your dental treatment will be paced according to your comfort level; either done more quickly or in more gradual stages. We invite you to discuss any concerns and questions with us.

Let our dentistry team know what your goals are, and begin enjoying better health and confidence today.

Providing Berkeley area full mouth rehabilitation services in El Cerrito, CA. 

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