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Expert Orthodontics for Berkeley Smiles

Berkeley Orthodontics

Beautifully aligned, healthy looking teeth, framed by perfectly contoured gums is the goal of Dr. Perez's El Cerrito dentistry. Accomplishing this can involve using a variety of dental treatments, based on factors such as time, cost, and desired results.

For some, traditional orthodontics that uses braces and brackets may be the best option for creating a perfectly aligned smile. Others prefer the quicker option of "instant orthodontics" Berkeley area dentistry that uses porcelain veneers to create a gorgeously even, brilliant smile in only a few dental visits, instead of months.

Many times our patients notice during their cosmetic consultation with us that once any proposed orthodontic work is done, the results can still be marred because of an uneven gum line. The dentist may also find that a misaligned bite is the cause of your teeth shifting out of position. Dr. Perez's unique training makes him an expert in Berkeley area orthodontic procedures, TMJ treatment and in knowing how to create the perfect frame for your beautiful new smile with a pleasingly contoured gum line.

He can deliver the whole package!


Orthodontics is about the relationship of one tooth to another, but for Dr. Perez it's more than just that. It's creating a harmonious picture involving the teeth, gums and the bite or the way your teeth come together.

For some patients, the starting point will be traditional braces that use wires and brackets to exert pressure on the teeth, gently forcing them into the correct position over a period of months. This can be the right solution for teeth that are severely displaced or misaligned but in healthy condition. The development of clear brackets makes these much less visible and more comfortable to wear. A visit with Dr. Perez would need to be made every 4-6 weeks to adjust the braces.

Many of our patients are good candidates for porcelain veneers. These thin porcelain shells are custom created to fit perfectly over the surface of your own natural teeth and dramatically change the shape, color and alignment of your smile. This procedure can usually be done in 3 visits, so you can have a complete smile makeover in just a matter of weeks.

Once the teeth have been aligned, the next step for many is contouring the gum line into a flattering framework for your new smile. This quick and easy procedure can make teeth that are too small, look larger and teeth that are too large look more in proportion with the rest of your smile. This procedure can put the finishing touch to a dazzlingly beautiful smile!

Careful cosmetic dentist Dr. Perez will also make sure that your new smile functions comfortably and efficiently with the correct bite alignment, thus protecting your Berkeley area orthodontic investment from any damage in the future.

Creating a perfect smile means giving attention to each detail that makes up the whole dentistry package. The unique training and education that Dr. Perez has received, make him the only choice for creating your new perfect smile!

Providing Berkeley area orthodontics services in El Cerrito, CA. 

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