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El Cerrito Dental Reviews From Our Patients

El Cerrito Dental Reviews Testimonials

Listen to these real patients sum up Dr. Perez in their El Cerrito dental reviews.

"Wow! You did a fantastic job on my son's front tooth. I can't even tell your bonding is not his original tooth! Your bonding stands in a class by itself.

For me, I had years of problems with my front teeth until you fixed them. Now they look so natural and incredible. It was worth my son and I flying from San Diego to have you restore my front teeth as well as his.

You are truly a miracle worker! Thank you so much."
-Opre Wilson

"Dr. Mark Perez has the softest hands I have ever experienced in a dentist and his work is virtually pain-free."
-Sheila Curtain

"Thank you all for making coming to the dentist fun!! Years of trauma and terror have been washed away!!"
-Joe Vanderkooy

"We have always been satisfied and impressed by his care and attention and the outcome of his work. He has always been gentle, friendly, and skillful; in other words, first rate!"
-Kenneth and Harriet Landon, El Cerrito, California

"I have been a dental patient of Dr. Mark Perez for many years, ever since he assumed the practice of Bertram Chan. I appreciate the opportunity to express my views of Dr. Perez. He has been extremely professional in his work as a dentist and we have developed a warm friendship throughout the years.

A number of years ago I was diagnosed with a form of cancer on my upper lip. I underwent a period of radiation, which eliminated that ailment. During my dental appointments, Dr. Perez carefully examined the area to ensure that the problem was eliminated and did not re-occur. For that careful attention I was deeply grateful.

I have a great admiration for his professionalism and value our continued close friendship. I also admire his association with the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry. He is a wonderful person and highly professional dentist."
-Ernie D., Former Mayor of El Cerrito, California

"I have been Dr. Perez's patient for many years. Dr. Perez's special combination of high quality care and sense of compassion for his patients makes him stand out amongst his peers. In addition, Dr. Perez's staff always put me at ease and make my dental visits so pleasant."
-Anne H.

"I have been a patient of Mark Perez DDS for over 25 years. I have found his personal concern and care for me as a person is reflected in his recommendations and professional care of my dental health problems."
-Washington Burns M.D.

"Dr. Mark Perez has been our family dentist for years. He is always highly professional, skilled, courteous and considerate. He has performed many procedures for me and my family, some of which are, besides routine dental care and cleaning, treating cavities, creating bridges and partial plates and also creating porcelain veneers for me. We wouldn't consider seeing any other dentist. Therefore, I have referred many people to his practice and will continue to do so in the future."
-Vivian Coe, El Cerrito, California

"We have been patients of Dr. Perez for the past 15 years even though we live 25 miles from his office. We were impressed with the gentleness he has when working on our teeth. He has the hands of a lamb when he performs examinations and displays sensitivity to the care and needs of his patients. His examinations are thorough, using state of the art equipment and he stays current with dentistry procedures. He is professional, listens well, is not pushy and treats his patients like family."
-Dennis and Barbara Bullis

"As I entered my 70's, I realized that time and wear had taken their toll only teeth. Many had become chipped, small cracks were appearing and wearing down toward the gums and staining was a problem. I also noticed that I was smiling less and less. In a conversation with my dentist, Dr. Perez, I learned that I could remedy the problems with a procedure called Bite Balancing. He explained thoroughly and completely what would be done to stabilize my teeth, correct the problems, and retain a healthy, natural appearance.

At first, I was hesitant because of the expense but as I plan to be around until I celebrate 100 years, I decided to take the plunge. I have NEVER regretted my decision to have the work done. Very little plaque now adheres to the surface of my teeth and I care for them as I always have with brushing and flossing. It restored my teeth to a natural and healthy appearance for life. I am happy to report that my smile has returned, relaxed and confident."
-Barbara Carr

"My other dentists have been painful and very uncomfortable. Dr. Perez is gentle."
-John Mortenson

"Dr. Mark Perez has been the dentist for my wife and I for more years, now, than I can remember. There are a number of reasons that we can recommend Dr. Perez as an outstanding dentist.

Dr. Perez is rare in terms of the gentleness with which he treats his patients. For example, from the very first visit to him, my wife’s fear of dental treatment has been most remarkably addressed by Dr. Perez and my wife has told me, time and time again, how gentle he has been in his dental treatment to her.

I have had significant periodontal issues with my teeth for years, yet I too have experience a kind of uncommon gentleness on his part, and a corresponding and surprising lack of pain on my part when Dr. Perez has cleaned my teeth.

Additionally, in all of my visits over the many years that I have seen Dr. Perez, I have never seen him rush. Indeed, I find the gift of his serenity as a professional dentist to be quite amazing. Additionally, as one of Dr. Perez patients, I have continually experienced his total and undivided attention while he is treating me. One notices right away when a practitioner fully concentrates and constantly attempts to refine and perfect their art. I noticed this right way about Dr. Perez.
-Norm C.

"He is genial and relaxed, but there is nothing casual about the way he concentrates on your dental care! I drive about an hour to see him because it would be hard to find another real artisan."

-Alan C.

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