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El Cerrito Dentistry Creates Amazing Smiles

El Cerrito Dentistry Solutions

For this El Cerrito dentistry provider, the number one focus is you, always you! For porcelain veneers, dental bonding or dental implants, Mark Perez DDS can enhance your smile so that you can feel confident about showing it off.

Not only is he passionate about staying on the leading edge of dental techniques and technology, he also commits to an uncommon level of dedication. Maximizing his El Cerrito dentistry technique requires countless hours of study, travel, seminars, teaching, mentoring, and classes, with the best of the best dentists in the professions of implant, TMJ, and cosmetic dentistry!

In fact, Dr. Perez has made a conscious choice to work on one patient at a time, with plenty of time scheduled for you! Your treatment will never be rushed. You will always have his undivided attention accompanied with plenty of time. Attending to your concerns is always our top priority.

Proper diagnosis by Dr. Perez also allows for individualized and precise dentistry with effective, long-term solutions. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perez, to discuss what options can help bring out the best in your smile. Dental implants, TMJ treatment, hygiene, root canals, or beautiful porcelain crowns are just a few of the options you can discuss during your one-on-one visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Confidence and Total Health

The teeth, gums, muscles and joints we use to talk and eat with are part of a very complex system that needs to work harmoniously together. As Dr. Perez knows, the health, or ill-health of any one of these systems directly impact the others and your long-term El Cerrito dentistry needs.

Outdated traditional dentistry, which uses a tooth-by-tooth approach to dental treatment, often leads to a short-term fix of problems without getting to their root cause. Many people have complex dental issues that may cause such symptoms as:

  • broken or cracked fillings
  • chipped teeth
  • joint aches in the jaw
  • headaches
  • teeth sensitivity
  • bleeding gums
  • pain when chewing

It is important to diagnose and reverse these conditions when you visit any dental clinic. An ideal, healthy situation for optimum oral health and function is a stable, aligned bite. In fact, Dr. Perez likens it to balanced tires on a car that result in even wear on each tire. This smoothly working dental environment eliminates many problems and ensures the longevity of your natural teeth and any restorative procedures as part of your El Cerrito dentistry.

We invite you to contact our state-of-the-art dental office, to discuss any questions you may have with Dr. Mark Perez. Discover dental options which can get you on the path to feeling great, today.

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