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Berkeley Area Cosmetic Dentistry: Smile Design

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Smile design is a custom-made smile that perfectly fits each face. Imperfections such as stains, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and chips or cracks will disappear as they are replaced with a beautiful smile, often in only 2 visits with our Berkeley area cosmetic dentistry!

Your smile is yours. It's unique. What does the perfect smile for your age, gender, face and personality look like? Talk about Berkeley are cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Perez and find your answer. Dr. Perez is an expert at designing a great smile with a natural look that fits you.

Whether you want to change the look of all your front teeth or just a few, Dr. Perez will design smile restorations that dramatically change how you feel about your appearance.

He practices Berkeley area cosmetic dentistry and teaches his technique to dentists all over the world, so you can be assured your smile will be designed correctly.

Dentistry with Personality

In your personal interview with Dr. Perez, he will discuss what you're looking for. He will also carefully note unique details, such as:

  • skin color
  • lip line
  • gum shape and color
  • eye color
  • face shape
  • age
  • and how all of these affect the design of your new smile.

Our dentist brings his highest quality cosmetic training and his passion for artistry together in his smile designs. By getting to know each of his patients well, Dr. Perez is able to do something for his patients that not many cosmetic dentists offer.

Dr. Perez uses his self-designed technique to understand what makes your smile yours. He can then use this special technique to incorporate whatever "personality" you want into your teeth. Through careful design of your teeth shape, size, angle, contour and color, he can provide characteristics that look assertive, gentle, mature, youthful, sexy or sporty. You pick!

As Dr. Perez knows, even masculine and feminine teeth are very different in appearance. With so many important factors to consider in your smile makeover, let your smile be designed with the detail-oriented and natural artistry of Dr. Perez. Our El Cerrito practice can help you learn more about this service, or one of our teeth whitening solutions. We will be happy to discuss your personal dental goals.

Providing Berkeley area cosmetic dentistry services in El Cerrito, CA. 

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