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Porcelain Fillings and Inlays

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Porcelain or non-metal fillings provide the natural look that we all want. They can make us look younger and protect us from the unhealthy effects of mercury fillings. Amalgam weakens the tooth, which can lead to other problems. These are some reasons why Mark Perez, DDS near Berkeley, only provides metal-free dentistry.

The restorations this Berkeley area DDS uses strengthens the tooth, leading to a lasting and healthy smile. The benefits for this treatment are multiple:

  • blends naturally
  • more conservative approach
  • minimizes need for root canal
  • better oral health
  • longer lasting solution.

Dr. Perez has extensive training with this process and uses a single person laboratory, so he knows who the dental technician is and that they will work to ensure the best quality.

Our Berkeley area DDS and his dental team are extremely gentle and take time with their patients to answer questions and listen to apprehensions, therefore easing anxiety. Learn more about our dental solutions such as dental implants, teeth whitening, bonding and many more.

Additionally, the process only takes between one and two visits depending on the size of the replacement. All the above are excellent reasons to let our qualified dentist, Dr. Perez and his team help you create the smile you desire!

Committed to the Best in Quality

Amalgams expand and contract when exposed to temperature changes. This movement weakens the tooth wall and can cause fractures. With non-metal fillings it’s a more conservative treatment, minimizing the possibility of needing a root canal later on. This creates a longer lasting dental solution.

The new type of material being used is a durable ceramic. Inlays and onlays help to make the tooth stronger, because they are bonded to the natural tooth. This bonding seals the tooth and protects from future decay because there is no room for bacteria to leak.

Other dentists use large laboratories with many technicians. Often a single restoration is handled by two or three lab technicians. This often results in inconsistent quality. This is just one of the major reasons that Dr. Perez insists on a one-person lab: quality control is assured!

Also, a typical laboratory uses one block of porcelain, which provides lower quality results and a less natural look. Our Berkeley area DDS, Dr. Perez, gives specific instructions about layering, which allows light to pass through the porcelain like normal tooth enamel. The restoration looks natural and lasts longer because of this higher quality laboratory work.

Providing these high quality materials and craftsmanship to each of our patients is the ultimate goal of Dr. Perez and his dental team. Metal-Free and Worry-Free

Dr. Perez and his team always provide consistent work. The dental team also makes it their goal to relax the patient, by listening to concerns and providing a comfortable environment. Quality is of the utmost importance, so you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.

Metal-free dentistry: safer, stronger, and more attractive. Let our dental team restore your teeth to strength and return your smile to beauty!

Providing services by a Berkeley area DDS in El Cerrito, CA. 

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