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Bonding By Our Berkeley Area Dentist

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Our Berkeley area dentist, Dr. Mark Perez can make the imperfect perfect! Versatile, easy, and very quick: cosmetic bonding can completely change the look of teeth that are stained, chipped, cracked, have gaps or are crooked. Whether you have 1 tooth or multiple teeth that need a makeover, dental bonding is the most cost effective way to create that stunning smile you've always wanted!

Highly malleable composite resin in the hands of a very skillful and experienced Berkeley area dentist like Dr. Perez can be artistically used to create a beautiful, natural looking smile. The bonded restorations will blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth, perfectly mimicking their color and luster.

If you've put off your smile makeover because of cost concerns, or if you have an upcoming special event that you want to look fabulous for, dental bonding is the perfect solution.

More Than a Dentist, a Craftsman

One of the greatest advantages that Dr. Perez has over many other cosmetic dentists around Berkeley or El Cerrito is his past experience in doing his own porcelain work for veneers and crowns. He learned the nuances of blending tints and how to layer porcelain to create the exact effect he wants. Composite resin bonding also utilizes layering and uses many of the same techniques to produce a fabulous result; one that expertly masks colors you don't want to show through, but enhances the perfect, natural looking color.

The finishing polish gives the bonded restorations their natural looking luster and shine. Not every Berkeley dentist overlooks the importance of this final step, ruining the effect of all their bonding work. Meticulous dentist Dr. Perez gives this step the attention and skill it deserves, which is why he always ends up with such a superlative result.

Bonding is the perfect solution for those who want quick results. "One of our patients had made a last minute decision to be married within a week and, understandably, wanted to be looking her best for her special day. In only 4 hours and 1 office visit, I was able to restore 10 teeth. She left our office thrilled with her beautiful, new smile!" --Dr. Perez, Berkeley Area Dentist.

Dental bonding by an experienced, skilled craftsman in the art such as Dr. Perez, makes having a dazzling smile easily within the reach of anyone!

Providing services by a Berkeley area dentist in El Cerrito, CA. 

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