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Porcelain Crowns By Our Dentist in El Cerrito

Dentist in El Cerrito Porcelain Crowns Before
Porcelain Crown After

All porcelain crowns are a beautiful solution to an unappealing problem. Recreating a healthy, natural appearance for teeth that are damaged can be done quickly and comfortable by Dr. Perez, dentist in El Cerrito, with all-porcelain crowns. Preserving your natural teeth is always the goal of conservative and skillful cosmetic dentist. Porcelain crowns can restore teeth that are:

  • cracked
  • broken
  • discolored
  • weakened by large fillings
  • missing and being replaced with implants

All-porcelain crowns are used for their strength, beauty and their ability to mimic the look of natural teeth and are the foundation of every smile design. A beautiful porcelain crown is placed to fit snugly over the tooth, instantly restoring youthful beauty and integrity. Because of their fine aesthetics, meticulous dentist in El Cerrito Dr. Perez uses all-porcelain crowns, leaving no unsightly tell-tale gray line along the gum line like those left by porcelain-metal crowns.

The health and beauty of your teeth can be restored and protected in just a couple of easy, comfortable visits with Dr. Perez.

Dentistry for the Perfect Fit

Porcelain crowns can be created with the same artistry as our porcelain veneers; creating a very beautiful, really natural look. Porcelain/metal crowns lack the ability to look totally natural. They leave a dark line along the gum and do not reflect light in the same natural looking way as all-porcelain crowns.

Dr. Perez uses all his skill and experience as a cosmetic dentist in El Cerrito to make the crown look and feel like your natural tooth. After a crown is placed, he makes sure that it fits correctly for comfortable function of the teeth and jaw. By checking this bite alignment, Dr. Perez protects both the tooth and your investment by guarding against any future damage.

A crown is usually placed in 2 visits with the dentist. In El Cerrito, on your first visit, the impressions and designs for the crown are sent to the expert ceramists at our lab to create your perfect restoration. Then, Dr. Perez will create a hand-made bonding restoration that will serve as a temporary crown and that you will leave with that day, once the fit is perfect.

When your permanent crown is finished it will be bonded into place, giving you a strong, long-lasting, and beautiful new tooth. 

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